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At YourBento, we believe all things are kept simple. Thinking inside the box, the bento box that is…is making food we love, and doing it the right way. It’s mastering our craft-cultivating bold, flavourful Japanese fare that our customers look forward to. It’s our dedication to consistency- in our recipes, quality, and service. Our sauces are thoughtfully crafted-in house with ingredients prepped daily, and each dish made to order. It’s perpetually innovating-introducing new ideas while perfecting old techniques. We constantly strive to present traditional, time honored in a current, fresh way. And most importantly, it’s preparing food we enjoy ourselves and sharing it with others. It’s the heart of what we do, and our commitment to you.

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Bento means ‘tiffin’ or ‘packaged meal’ in Japanese. The origin of the bento box can be traced as far back as 5th century Japan where farmers, hunters, fishers and even soldiers carried food with them on the go. These portable meals typically contained staples such as rice, millet, potatoes, and fish.